Are your bars really "handmade"? How is that possible?

Yes, they are handmade- our kitchen is small and we're a family-owned business so we've got everyone on board to help. It gets crowded in our small kitchen but the end result is worth it for everyone: amazingly good taste and lots of happy customers!

I'm vacationing in Vermont. Would Woodstock Cookie Company granola bars make a good gift for someone back home?

Indeed they would! Local ingredients like Vermont maple syrup and Vermont Peanut Butter make these handmade bars a truly unique and special Vermont treat!

Can I buy these bars online?

Yes, you can- they make great gifts for the hard-to-please person in your life, or for the person who already has everything. Order as gifts or treat yourself to the fresh, wholesome taste of Vermont.

Where else can I purchase your granola bars?

Look for Woodstock Cookie Company bars in specialty stores like natural food marketplaces, coffee shops, and spas.

Are your granola bars sold outside of Vermont?

Right now, you can find our bars in retail locations throughout Vermont. We're expanding our extended family of loyal granola-loving customers into the rest of New England, and soon throughout the United States.

If all you sell is handmade granola bars, why are you called the Woodstock Cookie Company?

There's some history there: the Woodstock Cookie Company was formed almost twenty years ago in 1999. There have been previous owners, but our family fell in love with the brand and took over just this year. The previous owners sold cookies and pastries in addition to granola bars - hence the name. We're focusing on the granola bars because they're in alignment with our vision and our family mission: to offer handmade, healthy, wholesome food to our fans. Cookies just didn't fall into that vision!

Are you "Woodstock Cookies"?

No, that's a different company selling cookies. We offer only healthy, wholesome, handmade granola bars, not cookies.

Our passion is creating handmade granola bars that yield a delicious, wholesome treat for your taste buds (and your body) that can't be found in any other bar on the market today. But we didn't start out as a premium, handmade granola bar company.

Our roots lie in the tradition of family dining, serving up slow-cooked roast beef to generations of hungry diners in the tiny town of North Smithfield, Rhode Island. For over 40 years, our family has offered up fresh, wholesome lunches and dinners to what's become an extended family of ours: the community of North Smithfield and its environs.

After perfecting the art of slow-cooked roast beef over the years, this year we branched out to begin serving the community in Bellingham, Massachusetts at our second location. Our restaurant, called The Beef Barn, is now found in two locations. Both serve homemade food like Grandma used to make: slow-cooked beef (eight hours!) and homemade chips on the side.

So you may be wondering: how does this translate into expertise with premium granola bars? Simple: food that's made with love in our own family kitchens to please our extended family is our lifelong passion. Whether it's slow-cooked beef, home-baked potato chips made fresh every day, or handmade granola bars made in our tiny kitchen here in Vermont, our mission is to see wholesome, delicious food served to our extended family, no matter where they are or what they crave! 
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